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The Gift of 

Senior Class 


Simmons College 

Boston, Massachusetts 


^*.geiA.. * 



Ik> ^ll 



Associate Editor 

Assistant Editor 

Technical Editor 

Photography Editor 


Advertising Manager 

Business Manager 

Circulation Manager 

Laurie Bromberg 
Laurie Urdang 
Donna Giromini 
Vivian Waixel 
Lois Kapitula 
Martha Johansen 
Isabel Neustadt 
Lucinda Williams 
Joan Ross 
Sharlene Katz 
Arlene Glickman 

^Immoni (^oileae cJ^ibrartj 










** * 

- , ■ * 










',x.- ,-■■„>. ^, 










•iMmh T •• 


ard, M.I.T., Tufts, B.U., Yale, Dartmouth, Amherst, Princeton, Columbia, Brandeis, Cornell, Colgate, Penn, Williams, Harvard, M.I.T., TufliH 

Yale, Dartmouth, Amherst, Princeton, Columbia, Brandeis, Cornell, Colgate, Penn, Williams, Harvard, M.I.T., Tufts, B.U., Yale, Dartmout 
erst, Princeton, Columbia, Brandeis, Cornell, Colgate, Penn, Williams, Harvard, M.I.T., Tufts, B.U., Yale, Dartmouth, Amherst, Princeto 


vard, M.I.T., Tufts, B.U., Yale, Dartmouth, Amherst, Princeton, Columbia, Brandeis, Cornell, Colgate, Penn, Williams, Harvard, M.I.T., T 

., Yale, Dartmouth, Amherst, Princeton, Columbia, Brandeis, Cornell, Colgate, Penn, Williams, Harvard, M. IT., Tufts, B.U., Yale, Dartmc 

lilherst, Princeton, Columbia, Brandeis, Cornell, Colgate, Penn, Williams, Harvard, M.I.T., Tufts, B.U., Yale, Dartmouth, Amherst, Prino 










, \ 






















? I u 




^"- ^-SiLiA^ 








^^ )k^^ 



•^.•» ,'•*%* - 

i /'uM Pl^ i i 1 


. m >!*• 

-^f%i "W 



and Faculty 




To the editors of Microcosm I extend my hearty congratulations 
on the successful publication of another edition of the yearbook 
which is a source of interest and pleasure to so many of the 
Simmons family. 

To the members of the Class of 1967 I express my hope that 
the years they have spent at Simmons College will prove to be a 
strong foundation for building useful and happy careers. 

To the student body, the faculty and the staff I offer my sincere 
thanks for all they have done this year to improve our college so 
that the climate of our small community becomes ever more favor- 
able for growth toward our educational goals. 



Vice-President and Professor of Psychology 

-^.^m^^j^ '^mm 






Assistant to the Dean 



Provost and Professor of History 



Associate Professor of History, Chairman of the Department of History, 
and Administrative Assistant to the President for Development 


Professor of Psychology 

and Director of the Career Planning and Counseling Center 


Director of Placement 


Assistant to the Director of Placement 


Assistant to the President 



Director of Admission 


Director of Public Information 


1. JOSEPH L. HOZID Assistant Professor of Sociology 2. RICHARD B. CARPENTER Associate 
Professor of Art History and Chairman of the Department of Art and Music 3. WYLIE SYPHER 
Professor of English, Alumnae Professorial Chair, and Chairman of the Department of English 
4. JOEL S. WEINBERG Assistant Professor of Education 5. MARGARET B. MILLIKEN Assistant 
Professor of English 6. DON H. McKEEN Assistant Professor of French 7. ANNE E. COGHLAN 
Associate Professor of Biology 8. ICLAL S. HARTMAN Assistant Professor of Chemistry 
9. BRUCE C. HAWTHORNE Associate Professor of History 10. JAMES L. V. NEWMAN Asso- 
ciate Professor of French 





1 . FRANK C. DeSUA Professor of Mathematics and Chairman of the Department 
of Mathematics 2. LINDA S. MAISTERRA Instructor in Spanish 3. GEORGIA T. 
NOBLE Assistant Professor of Education 4. DOROTHY F. WILLIAMS Associate 
Professor of Publishing and Managing Editor of the Simmons Review 
5. CHARLES E. L'HOMME Associate Professor of English 6. FREDERICK M. 
ANDERSON Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Philosophy 7. TILAK R. KHANNA Audio-Visual Services Librarian 
8. DONALD S. DUNBAR Associate Professor of Psychology 9. TILDEN G. 
EDELSTEIN Associate Professor of History 10. ROBERT C. VERNON Professor 
of Physics and Chairman of the Department of Physics 




1 . LEO J. PARENTE Associate Professor of Accounting 2. VIRGINIA L. BRATTON Associate Professor 
of Graphic Arts, Director of the Simmons College Press, and Advisor to Microcosm '67 3. JOSEPH 
T. LEVERICH Assistant Professor of Mathematics 4. MANFRED KLEIN Associate Professor of German 
5. DINO G. VALZ Lecturer on Book and Magazine Publishing 6. C. RICHARD ROHRBERG Instructor 
in Philosophy 7. LAWRENCE L. LANGER Associate Professor of English 8. EDITH F. HELMAN 
Professor of Spanish and Chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures 



1. LYLE K. BUSH Lecturer on Art History 2. DAVID SHEPRO 
Professor of Biology 3. RAYMOND F. BOSWORTH Professor 
of English and Chairman of the Department of Publication 
4. KENNETH M. GREENE Professor of English and Chairman 
of the Department of Education 5. PHILIP M. RICHARDSON 
Professor of Biology and Chairman of the Department of 
Biology 6. SOLITA S. MARICHAL Assistant Professor of 
Spanish 7. MARY KATHLEEN O'BRIEN Instructor in Nursing 
8. GEORGE W. NITCHIE Professor of English 9. BURTON 
A. CLEAVES Associate Professor of Music and Director of 
Musical Activities 


1. HENRY J. HALKO Associate Professor of History 2. VICTOIRE L. MARCOTTE Special Instructor 
in French 3. PAUL R. NICHOLS Professor of Economics and Acting Chairman of the Department 
of Economics 4. PHYLLIS A. BRAUNER Associate Professor of Chemistry 5. EVERETT L. TUTTLE 
Assistant Professor of Biology 6. ROBERT E. ZIER Assistant Professor of Physics 7. INA M. GRANARA 
Professor of Chemistry 8. WOODROW W. BALDWIN Professor of Business and Chairman of the 
Department of Business Administration 9. DAVID S. PERRY Assistant Professor of English 




1. PAUL W. HITCHCOCK Assistant Professor of Mathematics 2. HELEN MAMIKONIAN Assistant 
Professor of Russian 3. SYLVIA G. FEINBURG Special Instructor in Design 4. ALDEN W. POOLE 
Lecturer on Journalism 5. RICHARD C. STERNE Associate Professor of English 6. MARGARET L. 
ROSS Professor of Nutrition and Chairman of the Department of Home Economics 7. ERIC LUSTIG 
Instructor in Art History 8. ROY M. TOLLEFSON Associate Professor of Government 9. DONALD L. 
FESSENDEN Lecturer on Journalism 


1. ATHENA R. THEODORE Assistant Professor of Sociology 

2. STEPHEN R. DEANE Professor of Psychology and Chairman of 
the Department of Psychology and Sociology 3. CARROLL F. 
MILES Professor of Government and Chairman of the Department 
of Government 4. JULIAN L. SOLINGER Professor of Biology 
5. CHARLES R. MACKEY Assistant Professor of French 6. ALBERT 
V. GRIFFITH Assistant Professor of Psychology 7. RICHARD 
FREEDMAN Assistant Professor of English 8. JOSEPHINE F. 
MILBURN Associate Professor of Government 9. LYDIA A. H. 
SMITH Assistant Professor of Education 


''^^^^SI^^fllL, - 



B^B^^^^^^^^^^" -■*'^«*^ 





^ -:"• 


The Class of '67 

Elizabeth Ann Dunston Community Work 

Donna Lee Remkiewicz Physical Therapy 

Bonnie S. Cravets Community Work 


Laurie Nan Bromberg Publication 

Barbara Ellen Fish French Education 

Lesley Beth Rosenberg Foods and Nutrition 


Susan Gail Kipnis Economics 

Joan Nancy Ross Mathematics 

Sandra Rae ZIokower Economics 

Jill Cagan English Liberal Arts 


Constance Ruth Terrell Psychology 

Barbara Ann Moskovitz Elennentary Education 

Susan Joy Feinberg Government 


Martha Jean Wallace Business Administration 

Patricia Cannavaro Spanish Education 


Miriam Brenda Garber Chemistry 

Barbara Helen Creenstein Advertising 

Ruta Eize Daugela Retailing 

Judith Toby Caller Community Work 


Grace Anne Elders English Liberal Arts 

Lynne Holland Laurans Government 

Pamela Ronald Marsh Elementary Education 


Ellen Carol Meloy Nursing 

Ellen Clara Lowenstein English Liberal Arts 

r Roberta Elaine Schneider Community Work 


Judith Kay Thompson Medical Technology 


Patricia Mary (Buckley) Corsetti Business 

Penninah Amoilo (Atin'ga) Ogada Home Economics 

Carol Peters Chemistry Education 


Marie Pia Hill Government 

Elissa Eileen Pollingher Publication 


Joyce Russell Clarke Home Economics Education 

Iris Temra Levitt French Education 

Lois Rhonda Lipofsky Mathematics 


Elaine Montgomery Physical Therapy 


Dianne Caria Hoag Executive Medical Secretary 

Ellen Susan Kline French Education 

Ann Spencer Hurlburt Community Work 

»» • .• ^ ■ -ss. 



Judith Marian Cohen Physical Therapy 


Arlene Glickman History Education 

Elaine Jean Rapp English Liberal Arts 

Jane Lucile Gore Nursing 


Susan Carol Cox Biology 

Deborah Gladding Willard History Education 

Barbara B. Litchfield Home Economics Education 

Lynn (Dion) Drotter Retailing 


Rosemary Lee Chemistry 

Leila Hunt Sturm Nursing 

Karen Susan Cohen Biology 

Judith (Neale) Winters English Education 


Nancy Elizabeth Scannell Publication 

Paula Margaret Wupperfeld Physics Education 

|| Marcia Tannenbaum English Education 


Nancy Louise Karelitz Elementary Education 

Catherine Louise Rauh Elementary Education 

Penelope Ross English Education 

Carolyn Faye Garber English Education 


Elizabeth Cornwall Community Work 

Dorine Ruth Seidman History Education 


Carol Ann Ryan Economics-Mathematics 

Ann Cora Loveless Elementary Education 

Madalyn Phillips Mattoon Finance 

Judy Way Walker Community Work 


Nancy Hofbauer International Business 

Nancy Ellen Gardner Psychology 

Judith Barbara Miller Community Work 


Diane Elizabeth Voulelis History Education 

Viviannia Burlingame Elementary Education 

Candace Ann Nielsen Retailing 

Mary Virginia Hauser Publication 


Jeanne Steinberger Child Development 

Gloria Louise Scola Art History 

Marjorie (Kamins) Becker Elementary Education 


Marilyn Cohen Psychology 

Carol Barbara Booth Community Work 


Judith (Babb) Ulreich Biology 

Miriam Park Lunden Government 

Margaret Elizabeth Goetz Economics-Mathematics 

Stephanie Stover Horn Publication 


Ellen Marsha Braudy Mathematics Education 

Sheila (Robinson) Briggs Physical Therapy 

Melinda Jane Mosher Nursing 

Barbara Ann Brighty Home Economics Education 


•mix:' ,,.i-J 

Ronnie Dee Rubin Biology Education 

Kathleen Ann Keegan Retailing 

Brenda Bessie (Blume) Lind Retailing 


Bronwen Keidel Elementary Education 

Patricia Anne (Savella) Davodet French Education 

Ruth Louise Lythcott Nursing 


Beth Paula Orringer Chemistry 

Carol Webley Beaven 

Community Work 

Suzanne Eugenia Miller Economics-Mathematics 


Pamela Ruth Young Community Work 

Marilyn Claire Gregory Community Work 

Jo Ann Murphy Publication 


Geraldine Marie Arrigo Community Work 

Janice Christine Uguccioni English Education 

Karen Beth (Bleier) Green Economics-Mathematics 

Lorraine Samiotes Mathematics 


Alice (Norris) Jacobi Elementary Education 

Lucinda Perry Williams Publication 

Martha Ann Hill Elementary Education 

Cynthia (Sherman) Drysdale Publication 



Dianne Laurie Coland Community Work 

Marguerite Frances Hearn Economics-Mathematics. 

Harriet Charnow Nursing 

^^^^^%^%^%^^^^^^^ -^ '■■'-• 
% \ \ % % % \ \ ^ \ ) % ■ 

S \ ^ 



■ f ' 


Diana Jean (Dunham) Steele Retailing 

l^^v v^ 



1 >^m. ^ 

^^M^^iiflL^ > * 

Sf ''^^^ 

\'2^HE^^ „ 

hJHHIsx^ < ^ 

1 '-'S^/l ' -"-v^^Bv- M 

ft . •'• f^/>^- ' ' ^^fcfcA W ^ 


Dorothy Brainerd Executive Medical Secretary 

Carolyn Dee Wrench Elementary Education 

Harriet Judith Weinstein Biology 


Joyce Barbara Tower Institution Management 

Eveline Louise Lee Biology 

Dianne Marie Kenney Biology 


Sandra Rae Governale Elementary Education 

Naomi Fay Chayes Elementary Education 

Francine Marie Chamallas History Education 


Mildred Olivia Whittier Mathematics Education 

Marcia Norma Gold History Education 

Jane Oren History Education 

'-^s^^^^ f^ '^h»<'^ ''?*■**' ' ^ ^'"■»* 

Marilyn Barbara Eisenstadt Government 


Karen Ellen Smith Physical Therapy 

Mary Elizabeth Forbes Nursing 

Jane Adele Miskoe Biology 


Carol Mae Libby Nursing 

Louise Edith Freedman French Liberal Arts 

Judith Lynn Thomas Elementary Education 


Barbara Marie Putzel International Business 

Barbara Ann Arons English Education 

Fredlee jane Robbins Spanish Education 


Janet Margaret Wawzonek Nursing Kathryn Val Hoomis Government 

Joan Marie Deasy Government 

Elaine Barbara Sissa Psychology 


Karen Stephanie Berardi Personnel 

Judith Crover Psychology 

Marion Loretta Charkoudian English Liberal Arts 

Sheryl Biesemeier Publication 


Katherine Flaxman Publication 

Patricia Gail Callum English Education 

Mary Jane Perry English Education 


Elizabeth McCarthy English Liberal Arts 

Janet Isabel Trafton Government 

Margaret Ruth Schnaper Government 



Claire Ann Orrizzi Community Work 


Laurie Ann Kaplan Mathematics 

Judith Ann Derrick Elementary Education 

Donna Catherine Giromini Publication 


Alice (Levenson) Rogers Physical Therapy 

Ronda (Kahn) Feldman English Education 

Karen Minola Derby Community Work 

Joan Elizabeth Lebow Government 


Jane (Berol) Rosenfeld English Education 

Mary Elizabeth Moorad English Liberal Arts 

Donna Elaine Feldman Government 


Barbara Ann Weaver Physical Therapy 

Judith Andeiman Economics-Mathematics 

Lynda Karen Johnson Publication 

Diana Grace Sable Retailing 



Carole Ann Palmer Institution Management 

Frances Jane Liebermann Spanish Education 

Adele Brenda Provizer Psychology 



Josephine (Crowe) Sylvester Psychology 

Laurie Frances Urdang Publication 

Linda Sigrid Martenson Biology 


Judith Ann Shoenholz Mathematics Education 

Joan Ellen Katziff Elementary Education 

Nancy Berman Mathematics 

JoAnn Sarmanian Biology 



Susan Rowell Pleadwell Publication 

Amy Phyllis Click Elementary Education 

Carol Ann Ciantonio Covernment 


Nancy Syma Blake Physical Therapy 

Phyllis Ellen (Gilman) Ross Elementary Education 

Carol Sue Siegel Mathematics Education 

Executive Medical Secretary 


Joan Paula Shapiro Publication 

Marilyn Ruth Lane History Education 

Susan Jane Sherry Government 


Barbara Jo Moore Nursing 

Gloria Mary Shahood Mathematics Education 

Susan Edith Hall Physical Therapy 

Irene Louise Priver Mathematics 


Ann-Marie (Gleason) Ferris 

1^-.' f 

Home Economics Education 

Helen Susan Coldfarb Economics 

Janice Levitan Government 


Marylyn (McDonald) Benson Child Development 

Margery Joan Staman Elementary Education 

Mary Rose Carty Economics-Mathematics 

Vivian Helma Waixel Publication 


Carol (Blenner) Perlman English Education 

Jennifer jean Reed Nursing 

Ellen Sue Smith History Education 

Karen (Kupka) Wheeler English Education 


Margery (Gould) Rath French Education 

Geri Merkin Elementary Education 

Mary Joan Martin Physics Education 



Margaret Oppenheimer Economics-Mathematics 

Elissa Leah Savitsky Mathematics 

Susan Joyai Finance 


Marjorie Anne Koblinsky Chemistry 

Mary Ruth Ivan Nursing 

Judith (Matisoff) Block English Education 

Judith Kimberly Davis Physical Therapy 



Judith (Chused) Siegel Government 

Eileen Hannah Plotkin Physical Therapy 

Susanne Elizabeth (Stewart) McRee Nursing 


■» isaife 

Paula Helen Jacobson English Education 

Marilee August English Education 

Judy Ray Gellin Elementary Education 

Martha Eileen Frese Psychology 


Elizabeth (Edgar) Olsen English Liberal Arts 

Judith Shirley Wolf Community Work 


Nancy Elaine Smith Elementary Education 



Rita Jane Stulin French Education 

Judith Waid Prince Community Work 



Z_ :\ Pssfc^saj^B 

Alice Marie Galanka Elementary Education 


Elaine Hatch Nursing 

Carole Louise Greene Retailing 

Isabel Marie Neustadt Publication 


Kristen Nielsine Johnson Chemistry 

Julie Murphy Retailing 

Gail Starr Atkinson Elementary Education 

Sandra Lois Lief Government 


Susan Ryder Hargrave Finance 

Pamela Audrey Morehead History Education 

Harise Marcia Rotman Personnel 


Jane Catherine Pistone Nursing 

Laura (Sonnino) Speike Psychology 

Susan Francis Clark Spanish Education 

Mary Alberta Lee Nursing 


Mollis Louise Henricksen Nursing 

Jane Ellen Mendelson Psychology 

Kathleen Claire Beecher Nursing 







^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bp^-.y. 'j'^^i 

,„. . Jjf mW^- 1 .. 

Laura Ann DiMuro Community Work 




June Alice Jordan Nursing 

Laura Mae Fishelson Psychology 

Ellen Louise Graf Government 


Margaret Ann List Government 

Kathleen (Hedges) Pearse Government 

a^iM^l- ,. .-mfim % 

Judith Elizabeth Reed French Education 



Hope Linda Alperin Mathematics 

Teresa Roslyn Vercollone History Education 

Martha Regina Ramsey Government 


Faye Adele Kimerling Publication 


Susan Vinal Button Finance 

Mary Lawlor Home Economics Education 


I» »'^1il^«f 

Marilyn Sue Weinstein Economics-Mathematics 


Cynthia Rawson Publication 

Marilyn Lee Sofnas Publication 


\ \ 


"S "'^ —- i 

Gail (Nelson) Swanton Physical Therapy 


Marcia Donna Lees Mathematics Education 

Nancy Louise Noble Medical Technology 

Kathleen Ann Agnew Retailing 


Emily Rothberg Elementary Education 

Lynne Elisabeth Devnew Finance 

Marcia Anne Haroian Publication 

Cornelia Calleope Choban Elementary Education 


Rayna Gay Rosenzweig Economics-Mathematics 

Victoria Chipman Publication 

Sharlene Rheva Katz Economics-Mathematics 


- \ 

Carolyn Elizabeth Strickland English Liberal Arts Sally Meckel English Liberal Arts 

Cynthia Janet Nerden Publication 

Yvonne Natalie Foster International Business 











Honors Convocation 




Olde English Dinner 















Spring Spree 




i i y ^ 



May Breakfast 






The Arts 

Microcosm Editors 

Laurie Urdang Associate Editor 


Vivian Waixel Technical Editor 
Martha Johansen Staff Member 

Isabel Neustadt Staff Member 
Lucinda Williams Staff Member 



Donna Giromini Assistant Editor 

Laurie Bromberg Editor-in-chief 

Sharlene Katz Business Manager 
Joan Ross Advertising Manager 
Arlene Clickman Circulation Manager 



Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Beaven 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest O. Berman 

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Blume 

Dr. and Mrs. Harold A. Bratt 

Mr. and Mrs. Irving S. Bromberg 

The Class of 1970 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cornwall 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Cox 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis 

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony DeMartino 

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Fish 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Flaxman 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Galanka 

Mr, and Mrs. Joseph E. Goetz 

Dr. and Mrs. George I. Gould 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Greene 

Miss Sandy Hack 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D. Hargrave 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hill 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Spencer Hurlburt 

Mrs. Hyman Jacobson 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Jordan 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kapitula 

Mr. and Mrs. George Karelitz 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Katz 

Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Kaufman 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kimerling 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Laurans 

Mr. and Mrs. John Liebermann 

Rabbi Joseph H. Lief 


Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Lunden 
Dr. George I. Lythcott 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Mattoon 
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. McDonald 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Meloy 
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Morehead 
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Mosher 
Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Neale, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Neustadt 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nichols 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Perry 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rabinowitz 
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Remkiewicz 
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Ross 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ross 
Rabbi and Mrs. Mordecai Savitsky 
Mr. and Mrs. Vito W. Scola 
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Seidman 
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Sherry 
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon C. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Sonnino 
Mr. and Mrs. Morris L. Stein 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Sturm 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tannenbaum 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Uguccioni 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Urdang 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Voulelis 
Mr. and Mrs. David Weinstein 
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Willard 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wupperfeld 






KEnmore 6-5130 

Compliments of 


Your Campus Cleaners 

1 Broadway 
Arlington, Massachusetts 


Compliments of 


411 Brookline Avenue 

Phone LO 6-3333 

Prescription Specialists 
Five Pharmacists 

Boston, Mass. 


Complete Linen Rental Service 
For Simmons College Students 

Sheets — Cases — Towels — Blankets — Pillows 

60 Aberdeen Street 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Kl 7-4430 


Compliments of 

The Sii\{A{or{s P(ews 


Say it with flowers 


• Fall S»er«ttrlal i Skort Starttt 

• Bratii-Up Program 

• E-Z 

• Bragg • PItaiaa 









TELEPHONE CO ploy 7-5920 



1 356 Boylston Street, 



(Rear of Fenway Park) 

TOO Varieties 














Eat It In 

. . .Take It Out . . . 

Prompt Delivery 

Phone: CO 7-3773 

350 Nominal Charge 

(5-12 p.m.) 

1 1 Harvard Street 



Division of Spalding Sales Corp. 


462 Boylston Street 
Boston, Massachusetts 


Compliments of the 





20 Chapel Street 
Brookline 46, Mass. 

Compliments of the 


Arthur A. and Howard S. Johnson, Proprietors 


19 Pilgrim Road 
Boston, Massachusetts 



from the 

Class of 1 968 



to be 


Faad Service 

William Knight 

Food Services Director 


Best Wishes 

from the 


To each of its graduating members 

"Just Elegant Simplicity" 


AND the last year you were at school, we did it with 
JOHN MEYER and KIMBERLY Italian knitwear. 

We are located just two blocks from your campus at the 
corner of Longwood and Brookline Avenues. 

to the graduating class . 

success and happiness 

in the future 

compliments of the class of 1 969 



from the 


Welcome Class of 1967 




Kathleen Ann Agnew; 590 Willis Avenue, Williston Park, N.Y.; House 
President, Class Representative, Prince Club, Soph Luncheon, Spring 
Spree, Dorm Treasurer, Father-Daughter Weekend, May Breakfast, 
Transfer Welcome, Transferred from C. W. Post College, 1964. 146 
Hope Linda Alperin; 400 Blackstone Blvd., Providence, R. I.; Stu-G. 
Representative, Social Activities Chairman. 143 

Judith Andelman; 165 Lincoln Road, Medford, Mass. 118 
Barbara Ann Arons; 17 Russet Way, Cranston, R. I.; Copy Editor of 
News, News Reporter, Social Activities Chairman. 110 
Geraldine Marie Arrigo; 31 Sassamon Avenue, Milton, Mass.; 
Administrative Asst. of Newman Club, Campus Guide, Commuter 
Organization, Sophomore Workshop, Usher at Graduation. 101 
Gail Starr Atkinson; 14 Community Drive, Cranston, R. I.; Campus 
Guide, Instructional Assistant. 137 

Marilee August; 125 Sky Top Terrace, Fairfield, Conn. 133 

Carol Webley Beaven; 18 Park Lane, Darien, Conn.; Soph Workshop, 

Spring Spree, Christmas Cotillion, May Breakfast, Junior Year in 

Mexico at Univ. of the Americas. 99 

Kathleen Claire Beecher; 57 Pearl Street, Woburn, Mass.; Fire Captain, 

Speakers' Bureau, Ann Strong Club, Campus Guide, Commuter 

Organization, Junior Welcome, Spring Spree, Skit Night. 140 

Marjorie (Kamins) Becker; 2 Tremont Street, Hartford, Conn.; 

Academic Affairs Comm., House Counselor, Class Treasurer, Class 

Representative, Campus Guide, Class Exec. Board, Soph Workshop, 

May Breakfast. 93 

Marylyn (McDonald) Benson; 146 Beaconfield Road, Brookline, Mass. 

Karen Stephanie Berardi; 10 Leroy Street, Lawrence, Mass.; Newman 
Club, Young Democrats' Club, Physical Therapy Club, Campus Guide, 
Junior Welcome Comm., Spring Spree, Dorm Secretary, Junior Prom, 
Skit Night. 112 

Nancy Berman; 25 Edgewood Avenue, Albany, New York. 121 
Sheryl Biesemeier; Route 6, Box 211, Cumberland, Maryland. 112 

Nancy Syma Blake; 648 Morton Street, Mattapan, Mass.; Commuter 

Rep. to House Presidents' Council, Hillel, Modern Dance Club, 

Physical Therapy Club, President of Commuter Org., Sec.-Treas. of 

Commuter Org., Asst. Chairman of Junior Welcome Comm., Spring 

Spree, Asst. Chairman of All-College Elections. 123 

Judith (Matisoff) Block; 375 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass.; SCOPE, 

Speaker's Bureau. 131 

Carol Barbara Booth; 920 Ray Street, Manchester, N.H.; House 

Counselor, Hillel, Swim Club, Campus Guide, Spring Spree. 94 

Dorothy Brainerd; 212 N. Morgan Avenue, Havertown, Pa.; Newman 
Club, Soph Workshop, Social Activities Chairman, Father-Daughter 
Weekend, May Breakfast. 104 

Ann (Morgan) Braman; 215 Herrick Road, Newton Ctre., Mass. 

Judith Elizabeth Bratt; 23 Whittier Road, Needham, Mass.; Ann 
Strong Club, Campus Guide, Commuter Org., Junior Welcome. 94 

Ellen Marsha Braudy; 137 Hawthorn Street, New Bedford, Mass.; 

Hillel, Campus Guide, 96 

Sheila (Robinson) Briggs; 235 Park Drive, Boston, Mass. 96 

Barbara Ann Brighty; 1940 Regent Street, Schenectady, N.Y.; Student 

Assistant, Home Ec. Club, Campus Guide, Junior Welcome Comm., 

Olde English Dinner, Spring Spree, May Breakfast, Academy. 96 

Laurie Nan Bromberg; 600 Sherman Avenue, Plainfield, N.J.; News, 
Microcosm Ed. -in-Chief, Potpourri, Speaker's Bureau, Campus 
Guide. 72 

Viviannia Burlingame; 10 Main Street, St. Johnsbury, Vermont; Fire 
Captain, Class Representative to Recreation Comm., Campus Guide, 
Swim Club, Sailing Club. 92 

Susan Vinal Button; 201 Main Street, Medway, Mass.; House 
Counselor, Olde English Dinner, Dorm Treasurer. 144 

Jill Cagan; 37 Jordt Street, Manchester, Conn.; News Drama Critic, 

President of Drama Society. 73 

Patricia Gail Galium; 26 Dehart Avenue, Sharon, Mass. 113 


Patricia Cannavaro; Larchmont Acres, Larchmont, N.Y.; Glee Club, 
Secretary of Le Cercle Francais, Junior Year in Madrid. 75 
Mary Rose Carty; 26 Lawndale Road, Milton, Mass. 127 
Barbara Lou Case; 34 Hoskins Road, Simsbury, Connecticut; House 
Counselor, Assistant Treasurer, Soph Luncheon. 82 

Francine Marie Chamallas; 624 Main Street, Watertown, Mass.; 
Newman Club, Campus Guide, Commuter Org., Soph Luncheon, May 
Breakfast, Skit Night, Academy. 106 

Marion Loretta Charkoudian; 44 Cliffwood Street, Lee, Mass. 112 
Harriet Charnow; 1500 Monroe Street, Hollywood, Florida; Hillel, 
Ann Strong Club, Campus Guide, Freshman Office Staff, Junior 
Welcome Committee. 103 

Naomi Fay Chayes; 680 Ft. Washington Avenue, New York, N.Y. 106 
Victoria Chipman; 206 Orchard Avenue, Battle Creek, Mich.; House 
Counselor, Editor of Freshman Handbook, Transferred from University 
of Michigan, 1965. 148 

Cornelia Calleope Choban; 199 Santa Fe Avenue, Hamden, Conn.; 
Stu-G Representative, International Relations Assoc, Junior Welcome 
Comm., Spring Spree, Father-Daughter Weekend, May Breakfast, 
Skit Night. 147 

Susan Francis Clark; Mashantum Road, Dennis, Mass.; Student 
Assistant, President and Founder of Spanish Club, Speaker's Bureau, 
Campus Guide, Freshman Banquet. 139 

Joyce Russell Clarke; 333 West Emerson St., Melrose, Mass.; 
Transferred from Hood College, 1965. 81 

Judith Marian Cohen; 52 Rangeley Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 83 
Karen Susan Cohen; 19 Chestnut Terrace, Newton Ctre., Mass.; 
Senior Commuter Rep. to Stu-G., Social Chairman and 1st Vice 
President of Hillel, Commuter Org., Olde English Dinner, Father- 
Daughter Weekend, Transfer Welcome, Transferred from Carnegie 
Institute of Technology, 1964. 86 

Marilyn Cohen; 5550 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia; Vice 
President of Hillel, Freshman Rep to Hillel, Campus Guide, Spring 
Spree. 94 

Lillian Coleman; 147 Chilton, Cambridge, Mass. 

Elizabeth Cornwall; 45 Grosvenor Road, Short Hills, N.J.; Transferred 

from Sarah Lawrence College in 1965. 89 

Patricia (Buckley) Corsetti; 1884 Falmouth Road, Centerville, Mass.; 

Prince Club, Newman Club, Spring Spree, Junior Prom, Skit Night, 

Class Publicity Chairman. 79 

Susan Carol Cox; 4 Thomas Street, Walpole, Mass.; Newman Club 

Dorm Rep, Campus Guide. 85 

Bonnie S. Cravets; 330 Rhinecliff Drive, Rochester, N.Y.; Glee Club, 
Physical Therapy Club, Campus Guide, Freshman Office Staff, Junior 
Welcome Comm., Olde English Dinner Chairman, Junior Prom. 71 

Ruta EIze Daugela; 30 Ministerial Road, Bedford, N.H.; Prince Club, 
Newman Club, Personnel Manager of Glee Club, Psychology Club, 
Campus Guide, Junior Welcome Comm., Olde English Dinner, Junior 
Prom, May Breakfast. 76 

Judith Kimberly Davis; 17 Sunset Avenue, Sidney, N.Y.; House 
Counselor, Student Assistant, Swim Club, Physical Therapy Club, 
Class Executive Board. 131 

Patricia Anne (Savella) Davodet; 110 Babcock Street, Brookline, Mass. 98 

Joan Marie Deasy; 38 Spruce Road, Norwood, Mass.; Student Assistant, 
Fire Captain, Treasurer of Newman Club, Campus Guide. Ill 

Toni Ann Christine DeMartino; 2253 Kingsland Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 
Karen Minola Derby; Daniel Plummer Road, Goffstown, N.H.; House 
President, Psychology Club, Campus Guide. 116 

Judith Ann Derrick; 14 Kingsford Road, Hanover, N.H.; Stu-G 
Representative, House Counselor, Class Rep, Newman Club, Swim 
Club, Campus Guide, Class Exec Board, Olde English Dinner, 
Co-Chairman of Junior Prom. 115 

Lynne Elisabeth Devnew; 67 Collier Avenue, Bristol, Conn.; SCOPE, 
Summer Reading Program, Olde English Dinner, Soph Workshop, 
Junior Prom, May Breakfast, Skit Night, Academy. 147 


Laura Ann DiMuro; 653 East 236th Street, New York, N.Y.; N.S.A., 
House Counselor, Newman Club, Junior Welcome Comm., Campus 
Guide, Spring Spree, Treasurer and Co-Coordinator for S.D.S., 
N.S.M. 141 

Susan (Reel) Doolittle; 94 Perry Street, Brookline, Mass. 

Gail (Pofcher) Dreyer; 32 Lakeview St., Sharon, Mass.; Academy. 

Lynn (Dion) Drotter; 485 Pleasant Street, Melrose, Mass. 85 

Cynthia (Sherman) Drysdale; 150 Beaconsfield Rd., Brookline, Mass. 102 

Susan Elizabeth Dudley; 510 Linden PL, Cranford, N. J. 

Elizabeth Ann Dunston; 1430 Park Chester Road, Bronx, NY. 71 

Marilyn Barbara Eisenstadt; 105 Valentine Road, Milton, Mass.; Hillel, 
Young Democrat's Club, Commuter Org., Spent 1964-5 at Hebrew 
University in Jerusalem, Graduated Cum Laude from Hebrew Teachers 
College in Brookline, Mass. 107 

Grace Anne Elders; 67 Hammeli Place, Maywood, N.J.; SCOPE, 
Spring Spree, Social Activities Chairman, Bluettes. 77 

Susan Joy Feinberg; 320 Fitch Street, New Haven, Conn.; SCOPE, 
Class Representative, Christmas Cotillion. 74 

Donna Elaine Feldman; 704 Crawford Avenue, Syracuse, N.Y.; House 
Counselor, Freshman Office Staff, Fund Drive, Soph Workshop, Soph 
Luncheon, Spring Spree, Vice President of Dorm, Father-Daughter 
Weekend, Skit Night. 117 

Ronda (Kahn) Feldman; 381 Lawrence Road, Medford, Mass.; House 
Counselor, Hillel, Campus Guide, Commuter Org., Summer Reading 
Program, Spring Spree. 116 

Ann-Marie (Gleason) Ferris; 47 Emerald Street, Medford, Mass.; Home 
Ec Club, Newman Club, Commuter Org., Father-Daughter Weekend, 
Transfer Welcome Committee, Academy, Crown Zellerbach Award, 
Transferred from State College at Framingham, 1964. 126 
Barbara Ellen Fish; 52 Cobane Terrace, West Orange, N.J.; Honor 
Board Rep, House Counselor, Campus Guide, Class Exec Board, junior 
Prom, Campus Coordinator for the Experiment in International 
Living. 72 

Laura Mae Fishelson; 4 Andover Street, Pittsfield, Mass.; Psychology 
Club, Campus Guide, Sophomore Workshop, Skit Night, Transfer 
Welcome Committee, Volunteer Work. 141 

Katherine Flaxman; 5838 Joyce Way, Dallas, Texas; News, Campus 

Guide, Junior Welcome Committee. 113 

Susan Fletcher; 94 Goldsmith Street, Littleton, Mass.; Chairman of 

Bush Art Bazaar, Spring Spree, Transfer Welcome, Transferred from 

Middlebury College, 1965. 

G. Roberta Forbes; 54 Henry Avenue, Harrison, N.Y. 

Mary Elizabeth Forbes; 425 S. 10th, Mount Vernon, Washington. 108 

Maureen (Grant) Forbes; 155 Appleton Street, Arlington, Mass. 

Yvonne Natalie Foster; Box 193, North Truro, Mass.; Drama Society, 
Business Club, International Relations Assoc, Summer Reading 
Program, Skit Night, Semester at University of Oslo in Norway, 
Collegiate Council for the United Nations, Member of ISMUN 
Advisory Council of the U.S.A. 149 

Louise Edith Freedman; 34 Ellington Street, Longmeadow, Mass.; 
News, Le Cercle Francais, Social Relations Club, Junior Year in 
France. 109 

Martha Eileen Frese; 16 Clifton Street, Belmont, Mass.; Dorm Fire 
Captain, Swim Club, Civil Rights Club, Psychology Club. 133 

Catharine (Burrowes) Gager; 900 Memorial Drive, J-11E, Cambridge, 

Alyce Marie Galanka; 26 Witherell Street, Bronxville, N.Y.; House 
Counselor, Bluettes. 135 

Judith Toby Galler; 79 Cliff Avenue, Winthrop, Mass.; Yoga Club, 
Summer Reading Program, Junior Prom, Skit Night, Volunteer Work. 76 

Carolyn Faye Garber; 240 Mason Terrace, Brookline, Mass.; News, 
Freshman Office Staff, Junior Welcome Comm., Christmas Cotillion, 
Father-Daughter Weekend, May Breakfast, Skit Night. 88 
Miriam Brenda Garber; 5 Buchanan Road, Marblehead, Mass.; Hillel, 
Soph Workshop, Spring Spree, Dorm Vice President, Skit Night, 
Transferred from University of Massachusetts in 1964, Student Affiliate 
Chapter Chairman of American Chemical Society. 76 


Nancy Ellen Gardner; 172 Curtis Terrace, Fairfield, Conn.; SCOPE, 

Psychology Club, Swim Club. 91 

Judy Ray Gellin; 35 W. Ridge Drive, West Hartford, Conn. 133 

Carol Ann Giantonio; 96 South Common Street, Lynn, Mass.; 
Commuter Organization, Skit Night, Bush Art Bazaar, Daisy Chain, 
Senior Family Banquet. 122 

Donna Catherine Giromini; 53 Prospect Avenue, Winthrop, Mass.; 
News, Microcosm Assistant Editor, Young Republican's Club, Transfer 
Welcome Comm., Transferred in 1964 from Rollins College. 115 
Amy Phyllis Glick; 146 North Main Street, Leominster, Mass.; Hillel. 122 
Arlene Glickman; 4729 Stanton Ct. North, Pittsburgh, Penna.; Class 
Representative, Microcosm Circulation Manager, Campus Guide, 
Junior Welcome Committee, Class Exec. Board, Junior Prom. 84 
Margaret Elizabeth Goetz; 121 Maple Avenue, Leominster, Mass.; 
Class President, Class Treasurer, Class Representative, Newman Club, 
Campus Guide, Junior Welcome Committee, Class Executive Board, 
Soph Luncheon, Spring Spree, Academy. 95 

Dianne Laurie Goland; 8750 Arborcrest Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio; 
Junior Welcome Comm., Academy. 103 

Marcia Norma Gold; 63 Wood lawn Street, Fall River, Mass.; House 
Counselor, Fire Captain, Academy. 107 

Helen Susan Goldfarb; 25 Malta Street, Mattapan, Mass.; Commuter 
Organization, Junior Welcome Committee, Skit Night, Daisy Chain, 
Transferred from Boston University in 1964. 126 
Joyce Elizabeth Goldie; 832 Kilsyth Road, Elizabeth, New Jersey. 
Susan Adrienne Goldstein; 117 Robert Street, Waterbury, Conn. 
Eleanor Mary Gonzalez; 72 Roseville Street, Fairfield, Conn. 

Jane Lucile Gore; 4302 Roberts Ave., Fort Meade, Maryland; House 
President, Pyschology Club, Le Cercle Francais, Skit Night. 84 
Sandra Rae Governale; 13 Tenafly Court, Tenafly, N.J.; First Vice 
President of Stu-G, Stu-G Representative, Modern Dance Club, Campus 
Guide, Junior Welcome Committee, Soph Workshop, Soph Luncheon, 
May Breakfast, Skit Night. 106 

Ellen Louise Graf; 360 Billings Road, Wollaston, Mass.; Sailing Team, 
Campus Guide, Commuter Organization, Class Exec. Board, Junior 
Welcome, Spring Spree, Junior Prom, Christmas Cotillion, May 
Breakfast, Skit Night, Soph-Frosh Dance. 144 

Jenny Eileen Green; 82 Deerfield Road, Needham, Mass. 
Karen Beth (Bleier) Green; 269 Harvard Street, Cambridge, Mass.; 
SCOPE, News Advertising Manager, Junior Welcome Committee, 
Academy. 101 

Carole Louise Greene; 77 Converse Street, Wakefield, Mass.; Prince 
Club, Transferred from Vermont College in 1965. 136 
Barbara Helen Greenstein; 530 W. Lawrence Street, Albany, N.Y.; 
News, Hillel, Psychology Club, Campus Guide, Olde English Dinner. 76 
Marilyn Claire Gregory; 194 Nonotuck Avenue, Chicopee, Mass.; 
Student Assistant, News, Newman Club, Civil Rights Club, Campus 
Guide. 100 

Judith Grover; 2817 North Main Street, Findlay, Ohio; House 
Counselor, President of Glee Club, Social Activities Chairman, 
Transfer Welcome Chairman, Transferred from Middlebury College in 
1964. 112 

Susan Edith Hall; 7 Brighton Road, Worcester, Mass.; Physical Therapy 
Club, Campus Guide, Academy. 125 

Susan Ryder Hargrave; 800 Aliens Creek Road, Rochester, N.Y.; 
SCOPE, House Counselor, Tennis Team, Junior Welcome Coordinator, 
Campus Guide, Recreation Association, Volunteer Work. 138 

Marcia Anne Haroian; 353 Concord Avenue, Lexington, Mass.; News, 
Commuter Organization, Junior Welcome Food Chairman, Song Fest 
Co-Chairman, Freshman Class Project. 147 

Elaine Hatch; Pine Plains, N.Y.; Glee Club, Skit Night, Fund Drive 
Chairman, Junior Welcome Comm. 136 

Mary Virginia Hauser; 19 Independence Ave., Lexington, Mass.; 
SCOPE, Potpourri. 92 

Marguerite Frances Hearn; Old Route 22, Pawling, N.Y.; Class 
Representative, Newman Club, Speaker's Bureau, Freshman Office 
Staff, Fund Drive. 103 


Sally Meckel; 42 French Road, Rochester, New York; S.D.S. 149 

Hollis Louise Henricksen; 29 Caramel Hill Road, Watertown, Conn.; 
House Counselor, Student Assistant, Glee Club, Swim Club, Campus 
Guide, Junior Welcome Committee. 140 

Marie Pia Hill; 26 School Street, Hudson, N.H,; International 
Relations Assoc, Glee Club, Campus Guide. 80 

Martha Ann Hill; Lyndonville, Vermont; House President, House 
Counselor, Young Republicans' Club, Campus Guide, Secretary of 
Dorm, Co-Chairman of Junior Prom. 102 

Dianne Caria Hoag; 8 Homestead Court, Short Hills, N.J.; Glee Club, 
Campus Guide, Freshman Office Staff. 82 

Nancy Hofbauer; 2103 Wrenn Street, Greensboro, N.C.; Campus 
Guide, Junior Welcome Coordinator. 91 

Kathryn Val Hoomis; 99 Robinson Street, Lynn, Mass.; Class Secretary, 
Campus Guide, Class Exec. Board, Junior Prom, Academy. Ill 

Stephanie Stover Horn; Otter Cove Drive, Old Saybrook, Conn. 95 

Ann Spencer Hurlburt; 30 Colton Street, Farmington, Conn.; Asst. 
Fire Captain, Senior Banquet Chairman. 83 

Mary Ruth Ivan; 119 Farm Lane, Westwood, Mass.; Newman Club, 

Ann Strong Club, Summer Reading Program, Soph Luncheon, Spring 

Spree, Skit Night. 131 

Alice (Norris) Jacobi; 31 Sacramento Street, Cambridge, Mass.; 

President of Young Republicans' Club, Speaker's Bureau, Campus 

Guide. 132 

Paula Helen Jacobson; 1424 Westbrook Street, Portland, Maine; Honor 

Board Rep., House Counselor, Class Rep., Campus Guide, Class Exec. 

Board, Olde English Dinner, Skit Night. 133 

Martha Johansen; 731 Boulevard, Westfield, N.J.; Honor Board Rep., 

Microcosm Assistant Editor, Glee Club, Campus Guide, Junior 

Welcome Coordinator, Skit Night. 143 

Kristen Nielsine Johnson; 86 Alton Road, Quincy, Mass.; Commuter 

Organization, Summer Reading Program, Father-Daughter Weekend. 137 

Lynda Karen Johnson; 51 Orchard Way, N. Rockville, Md. 118 

June Alice Jordan; Northwood, N.H.; Swim Club, Ann Strong Club, 
Campus Guide, Summer Reading Program, Spring Spree, Recreation 
Association Rep., Olde English Dinner. 141 
Susan Joyal; 206 Vaughn Avenue, Warwick, R. I. 130 

Jennifer Dee Kane; 64 Renwood Street, Fall River, Mass.; Social 
Activities Committee Mixer Chairman, Class Rep., Junior Welcome 
Committee, Class Exec. Board, Volunteer Work, Semester at Merrill- 
Palmer Institute of Human Development and Family Life. 75 

Lois Ann Kapitula; 70 Arlington Street No., Meriden, Conn.; House 
Counselor, Fire Captain, Microcosm Photographer. 

Laurie Ann Kaplan; 526 Quinobequin Rd., Waban, Mass.; SCOPE, 
News, Volunteer Work. 115 

Nancy Louise Karelitz; 1 Karelitz Road, Peabody, Mass.; Hillel, 
Le Cercle Francais, Campus Guide, Junior Welcome Comm. 88 

Barbara (Ginsburg) Katz; 69 McLean Street, Wellesley Hills, Mass.; 

Sharlene Rheva Katz; 54 Meredith Street, Springfield, Mass.; 
Microcosm Business Manager, Campus Guide, Father-Daughter 
Weekend, May Breakfast, Academy. 148 
Joan Ellen Katziff; 197 Kent Street, Brookline, Mass. 121 

Kathleen Ann Keegan; 9969 N.E. 4th Avenue Road, Miami Shores, 
Fla.; Prince Club, Newman Club, Glee Club, Christmas Cotillion, 
Skit Night, Transfer Welcome Comm., Transferred from University 
of Florida in 1965. 97 

Bronwen Keidel; 660 Penllyn Pike, Blue Bell, Penna.; Stu-G 
Representative, Chairman of Speakers' Bureau, Junior Welcome 
Comm., Spring Spree, Father-Daughter Weekend, Skit Night. 98 
Dianne Marie Kenney; 204 Village Street, Medway, Mass.; Stu-G 
Rep., Class Secretary, Newman Club, Campus Guide, Junior Welcome 
Comm., Class Exec Board, Academy. 105 

Faye Adele Kimerling; 3164 Overhill Road, Birmingham, Ala.; Stu-G 
Rep., Fire Captain, Class President, Class Rep., News, Hillel, Campus 
Guide, Olde English Dinner. 144 

Susan Gail Kipnis; 1325 Jonquil St. N.W., Washington, D.C.; Hillel, 
Glee Club, Semester in England. 73 

Ellen Susan Kline; 10 Sheldon Road, Marblehead, Mass.; N.S.A. 
Coordinator, N.S.A. Asst. Coordinator, N.S.A. Secretary, Social 
Activities Committee, Le Cercle Francais, Soph Workshop, May 
Breakfast, Class Mixer Chairman. 83 

Marjorie Anne Koblinsky; 40 Earl Street, Manchester, Conn.; Stu-G 
Secretary, Spring Spree Chairman, Class Rep., Campus Guide, Olde 
English Dinner, Father-Daughter Weekend, Soph Luncheon. 131 

Linda Lane; 63 Riverside Avenue, Red Bank, N.J.; Prince Club, 
Christian Fellowship, Campus Guide, Soph Luncheon, May Breakfast. 

Marilyn Ruth Lane; 7 Holiday Drive, West Caldwell, N.J. 124 

Lynne Holland Laurans; 482 Lloyd Avenue, Providence, R. I.; Stu-G 
President, Social Activities Chairman, N.S.A. Coordinator, Class N.S.A. 
Rep., Modern Dance Club, Campus Guide, Class Exec. Board, Summer 
Reading Program, Danielson Award. 77 

Mary Lawlor; 55 Birch Street, Worcester, Mass. 144 
Joan Elizabeth Lebow; 6 William Street, Andover, Mass.; Young 
Democrats' Club, Le Cercle Francais, Campus Guide, Olde English 
Dinner, Junior Prom. 116 

Eveline Louise Lee; 17 Upland Road, Cambridge, Mass.; Newman 
Club, Campus Guide, Commuter Organization, Class Exec. Board, 
Junior Welcome Comm., Soph Workshop, Spring Spree, Daisy Chain 
Chairman. 105 

Mary Alberta Lee; 131 Varnum Avenue, Lowell, Mass.; Anne Strong 
Club, Young Republicans' Club, Comrnuter Organization. 139 

Rosemary Lee; 345 Foulke Lane, Springfield, Penna.; Newman Club, 
Commuter Organization, Transfer Welcome Comm., Transferred from 
Mount Mercy College in 1965, Spent Semester at Carnegie Institute 
of Technology. 86 

Marcia Donna Lees; 95 Desmond Avenue, Somerset, Mass.; House 
Counselor, Class President, Campus Guide, Basketball Team, 
Christmas Cotillion, May Breakfast Co-Chairman, Skit Night, 
Recreation Association Secretary. 146 

Janice Levitan; 115 Moraine Street, Brockton, Mass.; Tennis Team, 

Campus Guide. 126 

Iris Temra Levitt; 78 Parsons Drive, West Hartford, Conn.; Hillel 

Secretary, Le Cercle Francais, Semester in Paris. 81 

Carol Mae Libby; 57 McKinley Street, South Portland, Maine; Class 

Rep., Modern Dance Club, Anne Strong Club, Campus Guide, Class 

Exec. Board, Olde English Dinner, Soph Luncheon, Spring Spree, 

Floor Rep., Junior Prom. 109 

Frances Jane Liebermann; 1524 Barrington Road, Columbus, Ohio; 

Fire Captain, Speakers' Bureau, Campus Guide, Junior Welcome 

Comm., Social Activities Chairman. 119 

Sandra Lois Lief; 105 Dumbarton Drive, Huntington, N.Y.; SCOPE, 

Hillel, Semester in Washington, D.C. 137 

Dzintra Liepkalns; 18 Albermarle Avenue, Lexington, Mass. 

Brenda Bessie <Blume) Lind; 202 St. Paul Street, Brookline, Mass.; 

Prince Club, Hillel. 97 

Lois Rhonda Lipofsky; 15 Knowles Street, Newton, Mass.; Hillel, 

Modern Dance Club, Spanish Club, Campus Guide, Commuter 

Organization, Junior Welcome Comm., Summer Reading Program, 

Spring Spree, Skit Night. 81 

Margaret Ann List; 1123 Hammond Parkway, Alexandria, Va.; Stu-G 

2nd Vice President, Stu-G Rep., N.S.A. Rep., Olde English Dinner, 

Volunteer Work. 142 

Barbara Litchfield; 94 Rackleff Street, Portland, Maine; House 

President, Home Ec. Club Co-Chairman, Campus Guide, Freshman 

Office Staff, Dorm Treasurer. 85 

Ann Cora Loveless; 27 Warnock Drive, Westport, Conn. 70 

Ellen Clara Lowenstein; 29 Southmoor, St. Louis, Missouri; Academic 

Affairs Committee, Drama Society, Campus Guide, Summer Reading 

Program. 78 

Miriam Park Lunden; 15 Robin Street, W. Roxbury, Mass. 95 

Ruth Louise Lythcott; c/o Communicable Disease Center, Smallpox 

Eradication Program, U.S. Embassy, Lagas, Nigeria; Stu-G Social 

Activities Chairman, Fire Captain, Co-Chairman of Transfer Welcome 

Comm., Class Sweatshirt Chairman, Newman Club, Young Democrats' 

Club, Chairman and Founder of Civil Rights Club, Ann Strong Club, 

Commuter Organization, Spring Spree, May Breakfast, Skit Night, 

Class Rep. to Nursing Student-Faculty Comm., Transferred from Bard 

College in 1964. 98 


Susan Paula Marcus; 207 Southern Blvd., Danbury, Conn.; Class Rep., 
Campus Guide, Freshman Office Staff, Junior Welcome Coordinator, 
Class Exec. Board, Skit Night. 123 
Pamela Ronald Marsh; 15 Fisk Drive, Newington, Conn. 77 

Linda Sigrid Martenson; 180 Oaks Road, Framingham, Mass.; House 
President, House Counselor, Campus Guide, Junior Welcome Comm., 
Spring Spree, Father-Daughter Weekend, May Breakfast, Yoga Club. 120 

Mary Joan Martin; 2626 N.E. 86th Street, Seattle, Washington; House 
President, House Counselor, Swim Club, Campus Guide, May 
Breakfast. 129 

Elizabeth McCarthy; R.D. #1, Oley, Penna.; Newman Club, Stu-G 

Representative, Spring Spree. 114 

Madalyn Phillips Mattoon; 115 Wilbert Road, Lakewood, Ohio; 

Swim Club, Young Republicans' Club, Sophomore Workshop. 90 

Joanne Marie McCloskey; 1604 West-900 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, 


Veigh McElhannon; c/o PAA, Port of Spain, Trinidad. 

Joyce (DeAngelis) McGrath; 143 Mt. Vernon Street, W. Roxbury, Mass. 
Sheri (Stanton) McManus; 39 Shepard Street, Brighton, Mass. 
Susanne (Stewart) McRee; 215 Herrick Road, Newton, Mass.; Ann 
Strong Club, Commuter Organization, Chairman of Junior Welcome 
Committee, Spring Spree, Chairman, School of Nursing Student- 
Faculty Comm. 132 

Ellen Carol Meloy; 34 Green Street, North Weymouth, Mass.; Junior 
Welcome Comm., Basketball Team, Ann Strong Club. 78 

Jane Ellen Mendelson; 210 Stevenson Road, New Haven, Conn.; 
News, Hillel, Psychology Club, Soph Workshop. 140 
Geri Merkin; 190 Maple Avenue, Patchogue, N.Y. 129 

Judith Barbara Miller; 2655 Henry Street, Augusta, Ga.; Class 
Representative, Hillel, Summer Reading Program, Volunteer Work. 91 

Sara Helyett Miller; 28 Johnson Heights, Waterville, Maine. 

Suzanne Eugenia Miller; 9225 Cromwell Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa.; News, 
Newman Club, Speakers' Bureau, Summer Reading Program, Junior 
Prom. 99 

Jane Adele Miskoe; 6610 Ridgebury Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio; House 
Counselor, Student Assistant, Campus Guide, Academy. 108 

Susan Alexandra Mitchell; 78 Blake Street, Mattapan, Mass. 
Elaine Montgomery; 5 Adams Point Road, Barrington, R. l.;_Social 
Activities Comm., Bluettes, Semester in Vienna, Physical Therapy 
Club, Yoga Club, Bluettes, Christian Association, Basketball Team. 81 

Mary Elizabeth Moorad; 191 Hillcrest Avenue, New Britain, Conn.; 
SCOPE, House Counselor, Potpourri, Campus Guide, Spring Spree, 
Father-Daughter Weekend, Academy. 117 

Barbara Jo Moore; 15 Orchard Street, Acushnet, Mass. 125 
Pamela Audrey Morehead; 50 Chamberlain Ave., Paterson, N.J.; 
SCOPE, House President, Speakers' Bureau, Junior Welcome, Class 
Exec. Board, Olde English Dinner, Dorm Vice President. 125 

Melinda Jane Mosher; 180 Whitewood Lane, Rochester, N.Y. 96 
Barbara Ann Moskovitz; 13 E Street, Hull, Mass. 74 
Catherine Mary Murphy; 58 Morton Street, Andover, Mass.; Class 
Representative, Junior Welcome Comm., Class Exec. Board, Olde 
English Dinner, Spring Spree, Dorm Secretary, Skit Night. 

Jo Ann Murphy; 575 West Street, Leominster, Mass.; Honor Board 
Rep., Newman Club, Transferred from Green Mountain Junior College 
in 1965. 100 

Julie Murphy; 87-10 51st Avenue, Elmhurst, N.Y.; Social Activities 
Comm., Class Social Activities Chairman, Prince Club, Campus Guide, 
Junior Welcome Comm., Class Exec. Board, Dorm Social Activities 
Chairman, Co-Chairman of Christmas Cotillion, Co-Chairman of Skit 
Night. 137 

Constance Babcock Napier; Henry Lane, Flourtown, Penna. 

Cynthia Janet Nerden; 2201 Dixie Trail Extension, Raleigh, N.C.; News, 
Hillel, Chamber Ensemble, Campus Guide, Summer Reading Program, 
Olde English Dinner, Father-Daughter Weekend, Cap and Gown 
Chairman. 149 

Isabel Marie Neustadt; 620 W. 239th Street, N. Y., N. Y.; Stu-G 
Representative, Chairman of All-College Elections, Class Rep., Campus 
Guide, Junior Welcome Comm., Class Exec. Board, Soph Luncheon 
Chairman, Chairman of Freshman Banquet, Editor of Junior News. 136 
Marsha Nichols; 4502 N. 36th St., Phoenix, Arizona. 

Candace Ann Nielsen; 41 Lorigvue Drive, Wethersfield, Conn. 92 

Nancy Louise Noble; 171 Harding, New Britain, Conn. 146 
Penninah Amollo (Atin'ga) Ogada; National Agricultural Research 
Station, Box 46, Kitale, Kenya, East Africa; Class Vice President, 
Junior Rep., Home Economics Club, Modern Dance Club Treasurer, 
Psychology Club, Class Exec. Board, Olde English Dinner, Soph 
Workshop, Soph Luncheon, Junior Prom, Transfer Welcome Comm., 
Transferred from Spelman College, 1964. 79 

Elizabeth (Edgar) Olsen; Killington, Vt. 134 

Margaret (Malin) Oppenheimer; 112-41 72nd Road, Forest Hills, New 
York; Academy. 130 

Jane Oren; 16 Cedar Street, Catskill, New York; Honor Board 

Chairman, Honor Board Rep., Co-Chairman of All-College Elections, 

News, Hillel, Speakers' Bureau, Campus Guide, Freshman Office 

Staff, Class Exec. Board, Academy. 107 

Beth Paula Orringer; 5830 Wilkins Avenue, Pittsburgh, Penna.; Class 

Representative, Class Exec. Board, Swim Club. 99 

Claire Ann Orrizzi; 195 Main Street, Shrewsbury, Mass.; House 

President, House Counselor, Newman Club, Christmas Cotillion, May 

Breakfast, Volunteer Work. 115 

Carol Gevry Palmer; 16 Viale Geno, Como, Italy; Drama Society, 
Modern Dance Club, Le Cercle Francais, Year in Grenoble, France. 

Carole Ann Palmer; 30 Ginn Road, Winchester, Mass.; Class 
Recreation Association Rep., News, Home Economics Club, Newman 
Club, Drama Society, Campus Guide, Class Exec. Board, Summer 
Reading Program, May Breakfast, Skit Night, Transfer Welcome 
Comm., Volunteer Work. 119 

Kathleen (Hedges) Pearse; 926 Walnut Street, Newton Highlands, 
Mass.; Young Republicans' Club, Vice President of Commuter 
Organization, Class Exec. Board. 142 

Carol (Blenner) Perlman; 20 Elmwood Road, New Haven, Conn.; 
Hillel, Academy. 128 

Mary Jane Perry; Haley Road, Kittery Point, Maine; House Counselor, 
Stu-G Representative, Fire Captain. 113 

Carol Peters; 279 Grove Street, No. Grosvenordale, Conn.; Student 
Assistant, Junior Welcome Coordinator, Class Exec. Board, Spring 
Spree, Dorm Vice President, Dorm Secretary-Treasurer, Volunteer 
Work. 79 

Jane Catherine Pistone; 5 Murdoch Road, Natick, Mass.; Newman 
Club, Speaker's Bureau, Campus Guide, Commuter Organization, 
Junior Welcome Committee, Spring Spree, Skit Night. 139 
Susan Rowell Pleadwell; 69 Appleton Street, North Quincy, Mass. 122 

Eileen Hannah Plotkin; 176 Canal Street, Athol, Mass.; Vice President 
of Physical Therapy Club, Baskeball Team, Transfer Welcome Comm., 
Bush Art Bazaar, Academy, Transferred from University of 
Massachusetts in 1965. 132 

Elissa Eileen Pollingher; 27 Almont Street, Mattapan, Mass.; Copy 
Editor of News, Academy. 80 

Judith Wald Prince; 7 Plymouth Road, Westfield, N.J.; House 
Counselor, Class Vice President, Class Representative, Hillel, 
Speaker's Bureau, Campus Guide, Fund Drive, Junior Welcome 
Comm., Class Exec. Board, Soph Luncheon, Father-Daughter Weekend, 
May Breakfast, Semester in England. 135 

Irene Louise Priver; 238 East 176th Street, New York, New York; 
Assistant Stu-G Secretary, Hillel, Chamber Ensemble, Speakers' 
Bureau, Campus Guide, Freshman Office Staff, Volleyball Team, 
Summer Reading Program, Olde English Dinner, Spring Spree, Skit 
Night, Co-Chairman of Bush Art Bazaar, Math Tutor. 125 

Adele Brenda Provizer; 63 Hackensack Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass.; 
Stu-G Rep., Honor Board Rep., Hillel, Psychology Club, Freshman 
Office Staff, Commuter Organization, Junior Welcome Comm., Soph 
Luncheon, Spring Spree, Christmas Cotillion. 119 


Barbara Marie Putzel; 156 Forest Street, Hamden, Conn. 110 
Martha Reginia Ramsey; Belden Road, Dover, Mass.; Newman Club, 
Physical Therapy Club, Campus Guide, Junior Welcome Comm., 
Junior Prom, Skit Night, Sailing Club. 143 

Elaine Jean Rapp; 2710 Fairfield Ave., N.Y., N.Y.; SCOPE, House 
Counselor, Potpourri, Hillel, Basketball Team, Olde English Dinner, 
Academy. 84 

Margery (Gould) Rath; 17 Everett Street, Cambridge, Mass. 129 
Catherine Louise Rauh; 322 Allen Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio; Stu-G 
Representative, SCOPE, House Counselor, Campus Guide. 88 
Cynthia Rawson; South Londonderry, Vermont; Class Representative. 
News, Class Exec. Board, Father-Daughter Weekend, Transfer Welcome 
Comm., Transferred from Boston University in 1964. 145 
Jennifer Jean Reed; 81 Flagg Place, Staten Island, N.Y. 128 
Judith Elizabeth Reed; 4 Gary Place, St. Johnsbury, Vt.; Le Cercle 
Francais, Campus Guide, Academy. 142 

Donna Lee Remkiewicz; 31 Maxwell Drive, Vernon, Conn.; Newman 
Club, Physical Therapy Club, Junior Welcome Comm.; Summer 
Reading Program, Spring Spree, Transfer Welcome Comm., Volunteer 
Work, Semester in Florence, Italy. 71 

Fredlee Jane Robbins; 702 Churchill Road, Fairfield, Conn.; Hillel, 
Spanish Club, Campus Guide, Father-Daughter Weekend Dinner-Dance 
Chairman. 110 

Alice (LevenSon) Rogers; 384 the Riverway, Boston, Mass. 116 
Lesley Beth Rosenberg; 235 Ocean Street, Lynn, Mass.; Home 
Economics Club, Class Rep., Class Exec. Board, Junior Prom, 
Transferred from University of Rhode Island in 1965. 72 
Jane (Berol) Rosenfeld; 13 Asbury Road, Worcester, Mass.; Junior 
Welcome Comm.; Olde English Dinner, Soph Workshop, Spring 
Spree, Dorm Vice President, Father-Daughter Weekend, May 
Breakfast, Skit Night. 117 

Rayna Gay Rosenzweig; 20 Coolidge Street, Brookline, Mass.; Honor 
Board Rep., House Counselor, Class Rep., Hillel, Class Exec. Board. 148 
Joan Nancy Ross; 3923 Mass Avenue N.W., Washington, D.C.; 
Microcosm Advertising Manager, Freshman Office Staff, Olde English 
Dinner, Soph Workshop, Spring Spree. 73 

Penelope Ross; 89 Stedman Street, Brookline, Mass.; SCOPE 
President, Public Relations Committee, News, Co-Editor of Potpourri, 
Transfer Welcome Comm., Transferred from Carnegie Institute of 
Technology in 1964. 88 

Phyllis (Gilman) Ross; 244 Spiers Road, Newton Centre, Mass.; Hillel, 
Young Democrats' Club, Le Cercle Francais, Commuter Organization, 
Olde English Dinner, Spring Spree, Soph Workshop, Skit Night, 
Daisy Chain. 123 

Emily Francis Rothberg; 59 Buchanan Road, West Roxbury, Mass.; 
Stu-G Rep., Chairman of All-College Elections, Campus Guide, 
Commuter Organization, Junior Welcome Comm. 147 

Harise Marcia Rotman; 156 Sumner Street, Newton Centre, Mass.; 
Le Cercle Francais, Volunteer Work. 138 

Ronnie Dee Rubin; 200 Devoe Avenue, Yonkers, N.Y.; Secretary of 
Honor Board, House Counselor, Publicity Chairman of All-College 
Elections, President of Hillel, Speakers' Bureau, Freshman Office 
Staff, Treasurer of Junior Welcome. 97 

Eileen Anita Rush; 3 Calvert Street, Harrison, N.Y. 

Carol Ann Ryan; 828 Ridge Road, Wilbraham, Mass.; Stu-G Rep., 

Newman Club, Civil Rights Club Chairman, Spring Spree, Skit Night, 

Social Relations Committee, Volunteer Work, Outing Club. 90 

Susan Elaine Ryder; 14 Grove Street, Winchester, Mass. 

Diana Grace Sable; 70 Caroline Street, Woodbridge, N.J.; Prince 

Club, Drama Society, Junior Welcome Comm., Spring Spree, Junior 

Prom, May Breakfast, Skit Night. 118 

Dorothy (Blake) Sachs; 64 June Lane, W. Roxbury, Mass.; Glee Club, 

Psychology Club, Campus Guide, Olde English Dinner, Skit Night. 

Lorraine Samiotes; 18 Locke Lane, Lexington, Mass.; Junior Welcome 

Comm., Soph Luncheon, May Breakfast. 101 


JoAnn Sarmanian; 62 Laurel Street, Watertown, Mass.; Campus Guide, 
Commuter Organization, Summer Reading Program, Soph Workshop. 

Elissa Leah Savitsky; 25 Monterey Avenue, Mattapan, Mass.; 
Academic Affairs Comm., Campus Guide, Academy, Math Achievement 
Award, Alumnae Award for Academic Achievement. 131 
Nancy Elizabeth Scannell; 131 Holyrood Avenue, Lowell, Mass.; 
Stu-G Exec. Board, Editor-in-Chief of News, Dorm Vice President, 
Skit Night. 87 

Margaret Ruth Schnaper; 69 Pagoda Circle, Milton, Mass.; News, 
Hillel, Campus Guide, Vice President and President of Commuter 
Organization, Junior Welcome, Olde English Dinner, Soph Luncheon, 
Spring Spree, May Breakfast, Skit Night, Daisy Chain, Recreation 
Association Rep., Senior Week Co-Chairman, Bush Art Bazaar 
Chairman. 114 

Roberta Elaine Schneider; 34 Helena Avenue, Yonkers, N.Y. 78 

Gloria Louise Scola; 20 South Hill Drive, Cranston, R. I.; SCOPE, 
International Relations Association. 93 

Dorine Ruth Seidman; 63 Lyman Road, West Hartford, Conn.; Social 
Activities Comm., Academic Affairs Committee, Technical and News 
Editor of News, Hillel, Young Democrats' Club, Speakers' Bureau, 
Campus Guide, Freshman Office Staff, Soph Luncheon, Spring Spree, 
May Breakfast, Skit Night. 89 

Gloria Mary Shahood; 38 Woodcrest Drive, Wakefield, Mass.; 
Speakers' Bureau, Commuter Organization, Junior Welcome Comm., 
Bush Art Bazaar, Soph Luncheon, Daisy Chain, Spring Spree, May 
Breakfast, Skit Night. 125 

Joan Paula Shapiro; 25 Thatcher Street, Brookline, Mass.; Campus 
Guide, Assistant Editor of Student Handbook, Public Relations 
Club. 124 

Susan Jane Sherry; 153 Penn Drive, West Hartford, Conn.; SCOPE, 
Spanish Club, Campus Guide, Junior Welcome Committee. 124 

Judith Ann Shoenholz; 54 Parker Avenue, Deal, N.J.; Olde English 

Dinner, Skit Night. 121 

Carol Sue Siegel; 6 Pinewood Road, White Plains, New York; NSA, 

House Counselor. 123 

Judith (Chused) Siegel; 137 Englewood Avenue, Brighton, Mass.; 

Hillel, Freshman Office Staff, Father-Daughter Weekend. 132 

Ruth Elaine Silverman; 1190 W. Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore, 
Maryland; Le Cercle Francais, Father-Daughter Weekend, Skit Night, 
Semester in France. 75 

Elaine Barbara Sissa; 1232 Bay Road, Stoughton, Mass.; Psychology 

Ciub, Commuter Organization, Summer Reading Program, Soph 

Luncheon, Junior Prom, Christmas Cotillion, Father-Daughter Weekend, 

May Breakfast, Skit Night. Ill 

Ellen Sue Smith; 184 Hemlock Road, New Haven, Conn.; Social 

Activities Committee, Dorm Secretary, Chairman of Soph Workshop, 

Soph Luncheon, Junior Welcome Committee, Vice President of 

SCOPE, Student Assistant. 128 

Karen Ellen Smith; 186 Boylston, Lowell, Mass.; Class Rep., Newman 

Club, Glee Club, Physical Therapy Club, Class Exec. Board, Dorm 

Vice President. 108 

Nancy Elame Smith; 95 Brown Street, Methuen, Mass.; House 

President, House Counselor, Academy, Teachers College Book 

Prize. 134 

Marilyn Lee Sofnas; 92 Winthrop Road, Brookline, Mass.; News, 

Potpourri, Tennis Team, Junior Welcome Committee, Father-Daughter 

Weekend. 145 

Laura (Sonnino) Speike; 60 Lanark Road, Stamford, Conn.; Psychology 

Club, Campus Guide, Freshman Office Staff, Junior Welcome Comm., 

Spring Spree, Social Relations Committee, Assistant to Volunteers. 139 

Margery Joan Staman; 80 Belmont Circle, Uniontown, Penna.; Glee 

Club, Fund Drive. 127 

Bonnie Lee Starrett; 94 Housatonic Avenue, Stratford, Conn.; 

President of Prince Club, Olde English Dinner, Soph Workshop, 

Junior Prom, May Breakfast, Skit Night. 82 


Diana Jean (Dunham) Steele; Maplecrest, NY.; Honor Board, Class 
Rep., Prince Club, Business Club, Campus Guide, junior Welcome 
Comm., Class Exec. Board, Dorm Officer, May Breakfast. 104 

Arlene Stein; 17 Crocker Road, Medford, Mass.; N.S.A., Le Cercie 
Francais, Campus Guide, Freshman Office Staff, Commuter 
Organization, Freshman Commuter Rep., Class Publicity, Year in 
Paris. 80 
Jeanne Steinberger; 364 E. Olive, Long Beach, N.Y. 93 

Carolyn Elizabeth Strickland; Kitchel Road, Mt. Kisco, NY.; 
Co-Chairman of Christian Fellowship, Psychology Club, Campus 
Guide. 149 

Rita Jane Stulin; 21 Clifton Road, Newton, Mass.; Hillel, Le Cercie 
Francais. 138 

Leila Hunt Sturm; 129 Meadow Street, Winsted, Conn.; House 
Counselor, Glee Club Personnel Manager, Anne Strong Club, Campus 
Guide. 86 

Gail (Nelson) Swanton; 37 Sachem Street, Pinehurst, Mass.; Christian 
Fellowship, Physical Therapy Club. 145 

Josephine (Crowe) Sylvester; 24 Evansway, Boston, Mass.; Class Rep., 

Assembly Series Chairman. 120 

Marcia Tannenbaum; Route 207, Lebanon, Conn.; President of 

Hillel. 87 

Constance Ruth Terrell; 23606 E. Silsby Road, Beachwood, Ohio. 74 

Judith Lynn Thomas; 1422 Jonquil Street, N.W., Washington, D. C; 

Campus Guide, Freshman Office Staff, Junior Welcome Comm., 

Dorm Social Activities Chairman, Dorm Treasurer, Skit Night. 119 

Judith Kay Thompson; 1145 Park Drive, Cookeville, Tenn. 79 
Joyce Barbara Tower; Chopmist Hill Road, Chepachet, R. I.; Home 
Economics Club, Personnel Manager of Glee Club, Co-Chairman of 
Olde English Dinner, Dining Room Council Rep., Skit Night, 
Bluettes. 105 

Janet Isabel Trafton; 1470 Arabella Street, New Orleans, La.; 
Commuter Organization, Junior Welcome Comm. 114 

Janice Christine Uguccioni; 9 Pleasant Street, Palmer, Mass.; Stu-G 
Treasurer, Newman Club, Campus Guide, Dorm Treasurer, Olde English 
Dinner, Skit Night. 101 

Judith (Babb) Ulreich; 39 Center Street, New Paltz, N.Y.; Transferred 
in 1964 from S.U.N.Y. at New Paltz. 95 

Laurie Frances Urdang; 142 Rynda Road, South Orange, N.J.; 
• SCOPE, Associate Editor of Microcosm, Hillel, Campus Guide, 
Assistant Fire Captain. 120 

Rachel (Myerowitz) Vanderhoek; Middle Road, Ellington, Conn. 82 

Teresa Roslyn Vercollone; 17 Edgehill Rd., Winchester, Mass.; N.S.A., 
Newman Club, Glee Club Librarian, Campus Guide, Commuter 
Organization, Junior Welcome Committee, Sophomore Workshop, 
Skit Night. 143 

Diane Elizabeth Voulelis; 16 Highland Avenue, Middletown, N.Y.; 
Social Activities Committee, Class Representative, Glee Club, Campus 
Guide, Junior Welcome Committee, Class Executive Board, Christmas 
Cotillion, Skit Night. 92 

Vivian Helma Waixel; 68-07 174th Street, Flushing, N.Y.; House 
Counselor, Assistant Copy Editor of News, Technical Editor of 
Microcosm, Staff of Potpourri, Fund Drive, Junior Welcome 
Committee, Olde English Dinner, Spring Spree, Dorm Assistant Fire 
Captain, Dorm Secretary, Dorm Vice President, Chairman of Vice 
Presidents' Council, William Cavanaugh Memorial Award. 127 

Judy Way Walker; R.D. Box 89, Buffalo Hollow Rd., Glen Gardner, 

N.J.; N.S.A, Dorm Rep., N.S.A. Class Rep., Chamber Ensemble, 

Campus Guide, S.D.S. Co-Coordinator. 91 

Martha Jean Wallace; 42 Monument Avenue, Old Bennington, Vt.; 

Honor Board Rep., Class Rep., Drama Society, Modern Dance Club, 

Young Republicans' Club Treasurer, Campus Guide. 75 

Barbara (Foster) Walsh; 10 Madison Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. 

Janet Margaret Wawzonek; Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, R. I.; 
Executive Comm. of Christian Fellowship, Junior Welcome Comm., 
Spring Spree. Ill 

Barbara Ann Weaver; 73 Regatta Rd., N. Weymouth, Mass. 118 
Harriet Judith Weinstein; 601 Rockland Street, Westbury, N.Y.; Class 
Mixer Chairman, Captain of Ski Team, Soph Luncheon, Skit Night, 
Women's Intercollegiate Ski Council, Recreation Association. 104 

Marilyn Sue Weinstein; 96 Ash Drive, Great Neck, N.Y.; SCOPE, 
House Counselor, Hillel, Glee Club, Swim Club, Dorm Vice President. 145 
Hsueh Lie (Dong) Wheeler; 101 Western Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. 
Karen (Kupka) Wheeler; 409 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. 128 
Mildred Olivia Whittier; 61 Old Middlesex Road, Belmont, Mass.; 
SCOPE, News, Prince Club, Young Republicans' Club, Commuter 
Organization, Junior Welcome Comm., Spring Spree, Junior Prom, 
Christmas Cotillion, May Breakfast, Skit Night, Senior Week 
Chairman. 107 

Deborah Gladding Willard; Route 89, Ashford, Conn.; House President, 
House Counselor, Social Activities Comm., Class Rep., Class Exec. 
Board, Campus Guide, Academy, May Breakfast, Skit Night, Spring 
Spree. 85 

Lucinda Perry Williams; 18 N. Prospect St., Amherst, Mass.; Stu-G 
Rep., Microcosm Assistant Editor, Speakers' Bureau, Campus Guide. 102 
Mary (Rorke) Williams; 30 Jacobs Ter., Newton Ctre., Mass. 
Judith (Neale) Winters; 102 Alton Road, Stamford, Conn. 86 
Judith Shirley Wolf; 150 Lincoln Parkway, Lowell, Mass. 134 
Carolyn Dee Wrench; 1004 West Crescent Drive, Manitowoc, Wis.; 
Spring Spree Co-Chairman, Swim Club, Campus Guide, Dorm Social 
Activities Chairman. 104 

Paula Margaret Wupperfeld; 90 Grandview St., Manchester, Conn.; 
House Counselor, Student Asst., Newman Club, Campus Guide, 
Summer Reading Program, Olde English Dinner, Spring Spree. 87 

Pamela Ruth Young; 56 Laurel Avenue, Providence, R. I.; SCOPE, 
House President, Fire Captain, Campus Guide, Junior Welcome 
Comm. 100 

Sophia (Abrams) Zaik; 135 Willow St., West Roxbury, Mass. 
Sandra Rae ZIokower; 94 Lisa Lane, Middletown, Conn.; House 
Counselor, Speakers' Bureau, Asst. Stu-G Secretary, Class Rep., 
Swim Club, Young Democrats' Club, Class Exec. Board, Campus Guide, 
Father-Daughter Weekend. 73